drama / romance

BEST SCRIPT- Monaco international

Contained within these pages is not a story. Rather it holds the confession of a man born into hardship, raised in dire straits and hardened by a life filled with turmoil and abuse. It feels good to be powerful, but at what cost… discover the riveting true life tale of William Austen  William Austen Story tells the riveting true life tale of William Austen. Born in Johannesburg,
South Africa, young William had a turbulent upbringing. He was subjected to horrific, incessant bullying throughout his school years. This led to a life of retaliation and violence, which blighted his teenage years. Petty crime soon led to several serious offences, fuelled by William’s chronic drug addiction.



Convicted for fraud and theft, William was sentenced to seven years imprisonment where he was exposed to gangsterism and the brutality of prison life. After being released from prison he uncovered a family betrayal that shook his world to the core. Filled with uncontrollable anger and hatred, William silently plotted his revenge and comeback as a career criminal and gangster. But life as a criminal quickly proved futile. He fell afoul of a vicious gang and barely escaped with his life. Dragged down by the familiar demons of drugs and crime, William’s life spiraled downwards into a dead-end of depression and despair. Eventually he decided to end his life, but encounters with a stranger at the point of death change his life forever.

A pulsating and gritty glimpse into the lives of broken people, gangsterism, drug culture, and the uplifting story of one man’s odyssey from ruin to redemption. It extrapolates the universal theme of love, loss, betrayal and grace. At times raw and violent, at other times the story slows down to show brokenness and hope.