drama / romance


Today is the anniversary of your death.It has been thirteen years since I made the decision to end your life.Thirteen years since I sacrificed your precious and innocent life for my own convenience.I only heard the sound of your heart beat once and I remember not liking the song you sang to me. Your existence mocked me for my sins. You were the consequence of my behavior.In my mind you were not allowed to exist until I said so. At your first ultra sound I remember thinking, “Get it out. Get this thing out of me.”But when you died, something inside of me died too.If only I had known that back then…”

Desmond and Vera have been producing and bringing true life stories to the screen for over 18 years.  The stories are vast in regards to topic but always very intentional to use the artistic medium of film to portray the journey of person being interviewed in a new way.