drama / romance

Live Action Animated Series

Steeped in folklore this unique post apocalyptic steampunk world bring to life a cautionary tale that warns of what could be.

The animated series brings about the best of a post apocalyptic action film, gritty steampunk details, stunts, unique costumes, set in a world of old folklore brought to life in the unique South African post apocalyptic setting a tale of caution to society, a testament to people who care about future generations.

A world undone. A world once on fire, turned to dust. Civilization… mere footprints in the ash…There were those unlucky enough to live on… Those who left behind tales of every wonder and woe in this shadow world. In the game of survival, there are rules and realities. May you heed them and share
them to all, for our journey, I fear, is only beginning



Desmond Denton

Logan Denton, Katelyn Denton, Gugu Buthelezi, Charlene Van Rensburg