On The Set

Principal photography and rough cut are complete! We are beyond excited to finalise post production of Spelonk and take it to festivals internationally

“Set in 2044 this is a gritty Steampunk Action Film, set in Cape Town – South Africa”

Award winning film director Desmond Denton and team of Imagenheart comes together to bring Spelonk to life. With the team’s success locally as well as internationally being involved with various South African Films such as Mooirivier, Die Pro, Music Videos, Commercials and International Productions such as Resident Evil, Planet Of The Sharks & Black Sails- We are truly excited to showcase South African Films in a whole new way. Unique custom designed hand crafted clothing, weapons, diverse culture, figthing styles- all comes together in one epic story. 

Spelonk – Scoop Network Interview (Short) from Desmond Denton on Vimeo.

The film has an incredible line up of South African cast including Greg Kriek, Eric Uys, Abduragman Adams, Scot Cooper, acclaimed fighters and weapon specialist and seasoned crew that brought this story to life.

Spelonk has come a long way-  From being selected at the Kyknet Silwerskerm festival for one of the top scripts-  which was then further developed by the team into a feature.  The script has been selected at as one of the top African films in development with the Berlinale Talents program- presented at Durban Film market under mentorship with Sara Blecher,  tested the concept at the London Film Festival, Developed with Euroscript panel, pitched and officially selected to represent South Africa at the New York film festival and is now ready to be fine tuned as a film for market.  We have in this process secured our international representative. The team has truly gone out of their way to bring this story to life, from the script, on set elements and currently the intense process of post.

“Lively, confessional, and entertaining …”

Welcome to a world undone. The Earth we once knew is gone, destroyed by the greed and carelessness of man. The Beautiful Cape Town that we know and love is transformed as the backdrop of the Futuristic Apocalyptic Film.

​Clearly, humans are a force of nature, but unlike any other natural disaster, we are not only the cause of so much destruction, we participate in it. The Film in itself is an act of awareness, of our impact on nature, each other and bringing about the question of what future are we shaping, or passively watching as it is shaped by others. The Film brings about the best of an Post Apocalyptic Action Film with a tale of caution to society, a testament to people who care about future generations.

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